Hydrogen refueling station at an industrial site in Vannes
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HRS14 station
Vannes (56), France

Hydrogen refueling station at an industrial site in Vannes

HRS supplied a dual-pressure hydrogen station (350 – 700 bar) as part of the HyGO project aimed at developing the use of green hydrogen in Brittany.

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Background to the project

HyGO (formed of Engie Solutions and SEM 56 Energies) promotes the development of a Breton hydrogen sector in France.

The company's project is run from the Michelin industrial site in Vannes, where HyGO designs, produces and operates renewable hydrogen production units and refueling stations.

Green hydrogen, produced on site by an electrolyser, is used for the company's industrial applications including its chemical treatment process, as well as for powering light and heavy goods vehicles via a hydrogen station which is open to the public.

Solution provided by HRS

HRS supplied the H2 refueling station as well as the piping infrastructure connecting the electrolyser to the various industrial and mobility applications at the industrial site. The installation comprises several units mounted on skids and over 400 metres of piping. HRS also supplied two 60 m3 storage tanks used to store hydrogen at 20 bar at the electrolyser outlet.

This dual-pressure station is used to refuel light vehicles with green hydrogen at 700 bar and heavy-duty vehicles at 350 bar for a broad client base of professionals and individuals.

Development of a Breton sector

HyGO's second project was the installation of a hydrogen station in Lorient for the simultaneous on-site refueling of 19 buses with hydrogen.

HyGO renewed its collaboration with HRS and, in May 2023, work began on the station which was specially developed by the HRS teams, for installation in autumn 2023.

Station installed for HyGO

HRS14 station

Versatile, flexible and with proven reliability, the HRS14 station is the best-selling station in our range. This dual-pressure station is compatible with a wide range of applications.

Vannes (56), France

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