Transportable hydrogen refueling station for TotalEnergies
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HRS14 station

Transportable hydrogen refueling station for TotalEnergies

Hydrogen Refueling Solutions designed a transportable dual-pressure hydrogen refueling station for TotalEnergies.

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Background to the project

TotalEnergies needed to offer its clients a temporary and rapidly deployable turnkey hydrogen refueling solution for their experimental requirements.

The station needed to be dual-pressure to meet the requirements of all mobility types, as well as easily installable to enable it to be moved between sites.

Solution provided by HRS

HRS developed, supplied and installed a transportable dual-pressure hydrogen refueling station suitable for all types of vehicles (350 and 700 bar): construction machinery, heavy-duty vehicles, light vehicles, etc.

Easy to dismantle and transport, it can be quickly made operational at new sites.

The HRS teams installed and started up the station during the first half of 2021, before dismantling and reinstalling it in the first half of 2023 at a new TotalEnergies’ client site.

Client testimonial

As a multi-energy company and supplier of mobility solutions, Total has been a pioneer in developing hydrogen as a fuel, in particular in Germany since 2002. To facilitate the development of the hydrogen ecosystem, it is necessary to connect captive fleets with suitable infrastructure. Thanks to HRS's transportable high-capacity solution, Total can now offer its clients an innovative, temporary turnkey rental solution that can be rapidly deployed to meet their experimental operational requirements (fleets of buses, waste collection trucks, heavy goods vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc.)

Station installed for TotalEnergies

HRS14 station

Versatile, flexible and with proven reliability, the HRS14 station is the best-selling station in our range. This dual-pressure station is compatible with a wide range of applications.

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