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At HRS, employees work in a friendly and stimulating environment that encourages skills development as part of a culture centred on the pursuit of technological excellence, industrial efficiency, and wellbeing.
HRS Team

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Objective: 160 new talents by 2025!

Joining the HRS team offers you the opportunity to evolve and grow in a friendly and stimulating environment while helping to develop a company focusing on more responsible and sustainable mobility solutions.

HRS recruitment and training

Aware of the challenges of recruitment in an emerging sector, and strongly of the opinion that it is never too late to train, the HRSchool responds to our desire to develop our employees, encourage their professional development, and strengthen their skills, while fostering a strong and solid corporate culture based on knowledge sharing and cooperation.

"We are looking for motivated and passionate people to join our #HRSteam, and we believe that potential and experience are just as important as qualifications".
Hassen Rachedi
Founder and CEO

The management committee

Our professions

HRS comprises a multitude of professions: our teams' skills include design, modelling, integration of various components (piping, electricity, automated systems, etc.), installation, and on-site maintenance.

Our values

HRS employees work according to four core values:

  • Commitment
  • Agility
  • Excellence
  • Wellbeing

Our commitments to employees

While environmental responsibility is in our DNA, wellbeing at work is also a value which has been deeply held since the company was founded.

Work for Hydrogen Refueling Solutions

Joining the HRS team offers you:

HRS Team

Frequently asked questions about working for us

How do I apply to HRS?

To apply to HRS, please visit our website.

We are always looking for new talent to support our development, and we publish offers weekly in our job offers section.
Our offers include all necessary details, including the contract type, team, mission, required profile, and employment conditions.
You can then simply apply in a few minutes using the form provided for the relevant job offer. Once you have added your details and interests, simply upload your resume, and tell us why you want the job in the box provided so that the HR team can assess your application.

If you'd like to work for HRS but can't find a suitable position, you can send us a spontaneous application.

How can I check the progress of my application?

Once your application has been assessed, our Human Resources department will be in touch:

  • Either by phone, which means your profile is a match and we'd like to know more about you,
  • Or by email. We contact all applicants within three weeks of receiving their application to keep them updated on its progress.

After contacting you by phone, we'll arrange an interview with our HR team. Your HR contact will then keep you informed at each stage, based on the timetable you have agreed together.

Can I apply to HRS if I have no experience in hydrogen?

Depending on the position you're interested in, it may be possible to apply to HRS without a basic knowledge of hydrogen.

All employees undergo an integration programme on arrival, including:

  • A presentation explaining how a refueling station for hydrogen vehicles works, using our testing station
  • Raising awareness of hydrogen-related risks and safety issues
  • Scheduled meetings with all company departments

However, if a background in hydrogen is required, in particular for certain technical and scientific positions, this will be specified in the job offer.

Can I apply as part of a trainee or co-op programme?

Conscious that core professional competence is built largely on in-house training of young people and knowledge transfer, HRS has been taking on several trainees and co-op applicants per year since it was founded.

Numerous trainee and co-op positions are available every year. Go to our job offers section or send us a spontaneous application.

What professional training does HRS offer? What is the HRSchool?

HRS runs a wide-ranging employee training programme as part of its in-house training centre: HRSchool.

  • A training programme on short-staffed sectors
    This programme, created in partnership with the Isère training centre, UDIMEC and UIMM, offers tailored training based on a theoretical and technical programme delivered by professional trainers, as well as practical work supervised by internal tutors and an in-depth course on hydrogen.
    The aim is to train around 20 employees a year, with several staff members undergoing professional retraining.
  • An online training tool available to all.
    HRS offers its employees more than 5000 training courses on an interactive platform, enabling them to gain skills in languages, office automation, teamworking, management and more.
What training is available for working in the hydrogen sector?

The European Fuel Cell Hydrogen Observatory lists training courses leading to certification and qualifications in the hydrogen sector.

There are different types of hydrogen training in France: BTS, DUT, bachelor’s degrees, masters, for training technicians and engineers.

HRS recruits and trains its employees both on their arrival and throughout their career at the company, in order to develop their skills through knowledge sharing and cooperation.

What are the recruitment stages?

The length of the recruitment process may vary depending on the position and profile, but it always takes place in stages:

  1. You apply via the HRS website
  2. You receive a reply from the HR team
    • By phone for an initial conversation
    • By email within three weeks if your application has not been successful
  3. We invite you to HRS for an initial interview with our head of HR and the manager
  4. Depending on the type of position, we may give you a practical task to complete
  5. The HR team will contact you
  6. And if there's a match? You will receive a job offer
  7. You'll be welcomed into the #HRSteam: integration week, in-depth training on H2, welcome to the team!
What skills and professions are in demand in the hydrogen sector?

France Hydrogène surveyed over 80 key professions in the hydrogen sector, including technical and scientific competencies: mechanical engineering, process engineering, industrial electrical and computer engineering, fluid mechanics; and operational competencies: installation, assembly, mechanical, etc.

The surveyed professions encompass all fields (design, production, commissioning, operation, maintenance) and all training levels (secondary diploma, higher technical study at Bac+2 to Bac+5 and above) with or without basic knowledge of hydrogen.

As a manufacturer of hydrogen stations, the professions surveyed at HRS were in electrical and mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, piping, metalwork, and support services: after-sales service, supply chain, business, finance, HR, communication, etc.

HRS advertises job offers in its engineering and R&D design office, its industrial production teams, and its support services.

Having identified short-staffed areas such as pipe fitting and cable fitting, in 2023 HRS launched its first in-house training centre dedicated to the hydrogen professions: the HRSchool.