Construction machinery

Construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, hooklifts, bulldozers and cranes require high power for their operations. Hydrogen can supply this power as a low-carbon, sustainable fuel.

What are the solutions for hydrogen refueling of construction machinery fleets?

The use of hydrogen for construction machinery offers several advantages, in particular a high energy density. Construction machinery benefits from autonomy and power, an advantage for construction applications requiring prolonged and intensive use on demanding terrain.

Installing a refueling station for the machinery fleet

Construction machinery is usually stored in a dedicated area where the various machinery (excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, hooklifts and trucks) is stored when not in use.

A defined area can be dedicated to an HRS refueling station so that vehicles can be refueled on their return.

Mobile refueling

An HRS transportable refueling station can be installed to directly supply hydrogen to construction machinery at the operating site. This solution may be ideal for long-term projects.

Transportable hydrogen station produced by HRS for TotalEnergies

Advantages of hydrogen for construction machinery

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