Our social commitments

In response to its rapid development and to preserve its family atmosphere, HRS management has put in place strong social commitments. The company strategy prioritises staff wellbeing, and part of the share revenue is redistributed to associations helping to improve the daily lives of disabled people.

Strong commitments to employees

Quality of working life

HRS offers a range of workplace services to employees, including access to a gym onsite and soon to the services of a coach several times a week.

The company restaurant offers employees high-quality meals for which they make a statutory minimum daily contribution. The restaurant menus are created by Maison Aribert (Uriage) and dishes are made using vegetables grown in the company garden which is tended by the chef and HRS employees.

Alongside this, leisure activities are provided at the local headquarters for employees to enjoy together: petanque court, and soon concierge service.

The most fulfilled employees are the most committed – I've observed this since the company was founded in 2004 and I make it a point of honour to prioritise teams’ wellbeing.

Four-day working week

Following a conclusive trial that demonstrated both the benefits for teams and the maintenance of productivity levels, a four-day week was adopted for workshop employees. This offers employees a better work-life balance.

Support services do not work on Friday afternoons, and are given the option of working remotely.

With headquarters located 100 km from Lyon, HRS has organised a co-working space for its Lyon-based employees. Located in Lyon Part-Dieu, it is the ideal space for encouraging interaction and teamwork among employees and offers them greater flexibility in organising and planning while reducing daily travel times.

Advantages for employees

Help with living expenses

The company offers help with living expenses through a family mutual fund offering full cover, as well as a contribution to non-refunded healthcare costs and childcare costs for parents.

Transport assistance

HRS provides employees with access to recharging points for electric vehicles in the staff car park, with a hydrogen refueling station planned for the Champagnier site. The company is also investing in electric bikes, which will be rented to employees for their journeys to and from work. 

Support for developing team skills

The HRSchool was inaugurated in April 2023 with the launch of a dedicated training programme for short-staffed areas and employee retraining. It is the first ever in-house training centre to offer dedicated in-depth training on hydrogen.
It also offers an in-house training platform which employees can access 24 hours a day free of charge.

Company governance

HRS grows in a way that is responsible, fair, and transparent. Half of our board members are independent, and each year we organise eight board meetings.

HRS's strategic decisions are taken by the management committee which represents all departments, taking into account all company stakeholders.

Distribution of employees

Data for September 2023

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female/male ratio

Strong QHSE commitments

In the context of continuous improvement, and conscious that health and safety risks must be taken into account, the company's QHSE team ensures compliance with safety regulations. The teams are given daily updates on health risks, irrespective of their field of work. HRS has been MASE (enterprise safety improvement manual) certified since 2009 and ISO 9001 certified since 2017.

The QHSE team holds regular talks. These events include visuals that relate to the daily activities of each employee. They cover a wide variety of subjects and reflect situations encountered as part of HRS's professional activities. Care is taken to ensure that subjects are not compartmentalised, so that employees appreciate and understand the risks associated with all of the company's activities. During these talks, employees are encouraged to ask questions, share their experience, and take part in the discussions.

Alongside this, HRS takes steps to ensure that all of its employees, regardless of their role, are aware of the issues and risks associated with hydrogen, with the emphasis on safety.

Redistributing value

• For employees

A policy for the distribution of restricted shares was implemented on the initiative of the company's founder and CEO, Hassen RACHEDI; consequently, 2% of the capital has been distributed to the company's employees in the form of allocations of free shares (AGA).

• For organisations

Under the leadership of its president, HRS donates to organisations that offer support to disabled people and children.

HRS runs for solidarity with Aspa Running, a commitment to the community

Aspa Running Meylan organises the AspaRun, an inclusive running event held every year near Grenoble. Each year, the organisation donates the proceeds from this race to a charity that offers support to disabled people.

HRS – guided by the dogs of the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation

HRS supports the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation, enabling visually impaired and blind children to receive the support of a guide dog.

HRS is proud to support FCG Handisport

This is a globally recognised and inclusive sport. The aim is to enable physically disabled and non-disabled people, male and female, of all ages and backgrounds, to play sports together in the same space. HRS helps in procuring specially adapted wheelchairs for FCG Handisport players.