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HRS14 station
Saint-Priest (69), France

Green hydrogen refueling station in Saint-Priest (Lyon)

As part of the Zero Emission Valley programme in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, HRS supplied an H2 station integrating the Hympulsion network.


Background to the project

Zero Emission Valley (ZEV) is a pioneering hydrogen mobility project that aims for concrete implementation of the "hydrogen valley" concept in France, with the deployment of an ecosystem: simultaneous development of vehicles and stations.

HRS was appointed by Hympulsion, which designs and sizes infrastructure for the ZEV project, to supply and install several hydrogen refueling stations across the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The first station installed by HRS is located in the Lyon urban area at Saint-Priest, an essential hub in the mobility sector.

An HRS14 station will be installed in Aubenas (07) and two HRS40 stations (40 kg/hour, or 1 tonne/day) installed in Lyon Saint-Exupéry (69) and Malataverne (26).

A region at the forefront of carbon neutrality

The aim of ZEV is to develop a low-carbon mobility sector which is profitable and sustainable on a regional scale thanks to the deployment of 18 hydrogen refueling stations, 450 light vehicles and more than 100 buses, trucks and coaches powered by hydrogen.

The simultaneous installation of stations and vehicles provides a response to the “chicken and egg” paradox in a region at the forefront of the hydrogen transition.

Solution provided by HRS

In the second half of 2022, HRS commissioned an HRS14 hydrogen refueling station (14 kg/hour).

The HRS14 station is a dual-pressure station (350 bar and 700 bar) used for refueling all types of light and heavy-duty vehicles, making it ideal for both professional and individual use.

Client testimonial

HRS's technical superiority, based on its research and innovation capability, and combined with its operational excellence driven by its CEO, Hassen Rachedi, has made it a major partner to Hympulsion. Together, we are contributing to more environmentally friendly development while creating jobs across the region.

The station in video

Key figures for the Zero Emission Valley project

Source Hympulsion
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Station installed for Hympulsion

HRS14 station

Versatile, flexible and with proven reliability, the HRS14 station is the best-selling station in our range. This dual-pressure station is compatible with a wide range of applications.

Saint-Priest (69), France

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