HRS80 hydrogen station

Our HRS80 hydrogen station will complete the HRS range of stations and offer a compression capacity of 80 kg/hour, or up to 2 tonnes of hydrogen dispensed over 24 hours.

Hydrogen station supplying 2 tonnes/day

HRS has developed a hydrogen station with a compression capacity of 80 kg/h, or 2 tonnes/day.

This H2 refueling station can be used to refuel a wide range of vehicles, and is particularly well suited to intensive use and to heavy-duty, rail, and even sea and air mobility applications.

The HRS80 station can be connected to all types of hydrogen source: electrolyser, rack, trailer, network, etc. Two pressure settings are available via several dispensers: 350 and 700 bar.

Installed along main roads and in urban centres, our HRS80 hydrogen stations represent a practical response to European objectives to deploy alternative fuel infrastructure (AFIR).

HRS Hydrogen fueling stations

High-capacity hydrogen stations

In order to anticipate the needs of our market to ramp up the deployment of low-carbon mobility, our teams are actively involved in designing solutions to supply larger quantities of hydrogen.

HRS is focusing on two key areas:

  • Compression capacity
  • Refueling rate

Firstly, our involvement in the European H2REF-DEMO project is aimed at developing a refueling station with a compression capacity of 150 kg of hydrogen per hour by 2026.

Secondly, we are stakeholders in the European RHeadHY project focused on developing very high flow refueling in order to enable trucks to be refueled with 100 kg (700 bar) in 10 minutes. ravitaillement d’un camion de 100 kg (700 bar) en 10 minutes.

HRS Hydrogen fueling stations

All our hydrogen refueling stations

As experts in hydrogen station technology since 2009, our teams will support you in sizing the optimal refueling solution for your needs.

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