Sea transport

Imagine the role of hydrogen within an ecosystem for sustainable port, sea, and waterway mobility.

What are our dedicated hydrogen solutions for sea transport?

With HRS hydrogen refueling stations, we can support you in your low-carbon mobility projects for port applications to guarantee the performance of your supply chains, sustainable development of your business and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

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Hydrogen at the heart of the port ecosystem

Hydrogen offers a concrete solution to meet a full range of requirements both inside and outside ports.

Numerous types of mobility are involved in port operations:

  • road, waterway, sea, and rail activities
  • mobility dedicated to specific port usage
  • mobility for logistics flows linking the port to both local and more distant areas of its region.
Our hydrogen mobility solutions for sea transport

Hydrogen for mobility applications outside the port

Sea and/or waterway activity plays a key role in the activity of a port.

It is now possible to convert any type of boat to hydrogen: cargo boats for goods transport, container ships, ferries, fishing fleets or river barges.

Some boats are already in service: in 2017, the first hydrogen catamaran was launched by Energy Observer, and the first liquid hydrogen ferry in 2023 by Norled.

Hydrogen for mobility applications inside the port

Particularly well suited to intensive mobility and goods transport, hydrogen is an ideal solution for various logistics and industrial activities operating inside ports: container trucks, straddle carriers, stackers, loaders, tractors, hooklifts and forklifts, etc.

Fleets of LVs and LCVs, service vessels and even fixed equipment (gantries, cranes, etc.) can also be powered by hydrogen.

Guaranteeing vehicle continuity of service

HRS can install hydrogen refueling stations in port areas that are modular and adaptable to your requirements.

A single HRS hydrogen station can be used to refuel all port mobility applications via several dispensers delivering hydrogen at different pressure levels (350 bar, 700 bar). It can be installed near your vehicle fleet's parking area or in a location with frequent traffic.

The station can be used for either rapid refueling of individual vehicles or slow refueling of several vehicles simultaneously on site.

Advantages of hydrogen for sea transport