Light vehicles

Hydrogen vehicles are a response to existing climate-related challenges and are compatible with the requirements of fleets of taxis, all-terrain bikes, cargo bikes and service to ensure continuity of service.

Hydrogen, a sustainable solution for intensive mobility

Hydrogen offers real operational efficiency for intensive use. More autonomous and quicker to refuel than battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric (hydrogen) vehicles are compatible with the requirements of fleets of taxis (hydrogen saloon cars), passenger cars with driver, cargo bikes and service vans for last-mile delivery or professionals working at private residences.

They are also ideal for fleets of urban service vehicles, including waste collection trucks or intercity buses.

Ensure continuity of service for your vehicle fleet

Hydrogen refueling is ideal for closed-loop mobility applications with same-day return to the starting point. A station can be installed near your vehicle fleet's parking area.

HRS stations can be adapted to suit your needs, and can be used for either rapid refueling of individual vehicles or slow refueling of several vehicles simultaneously on site.

Let's create a regional network together

Refueling stations can also offer a variety of uses, serving both private and public clients. On HRS dispensers, the user interface can be used to select the required refueling mode, and can be coupled to a user access control system that manages standard payment.

Alongside this, and following the announcement that certain combustion engine vehicles would be banned from entering several French and European cities, HRS has been working with regional authorities to create a network across a defined region thanks to significant expansion of the dispensing capacity.

Advantages of hydrogen for light vehicles

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