Our commitments

While our core business is based on hydrogen, which is crucial in achieving sustainable mobility, our conviction and actions have a much broader scope. Humanity, innovation, technology, and the environment are major concerns for HRS.

The hydrogen revolution


That is the challenge of every company working towards the energy transition to fight climate change, so that together we can achieve net-zero carbon by 2050. It is our desire to meet this challenge head-on that led HRS to move our activity more towards the development and sale of hydrogen refueling stations.

Implementing hydrogen mobility will reduce CO2 emissions in France by 1.2 million tonnes annually by 20301

Today, HRS is clearly committed to taking the company forward. As part of our operations in the sector, we offer our skills, expertise, and corporate benevolence to the community to help build a more responsible and sustainable society.

All HRS employees adhere to four core values that guide our growth:

  • Commitment
  • Agility
  • Excellence
  • Wellbeing

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Our commitments

HRS strives to create value that is meaningful for the planet.
Find out how we apply this guiding principle in our daily work.