Our values

At HRS, we are guided by strong values that determine how we treat our employees, our clients, our suppliers, and our partners: commitment, excellence, agility, and wellbeing.
Contribution | Responsibility | Cooperation

Committing to the future

As players in the energy transition, we work together to develop the mobility solutions of tomorrow and meet the challenges of a responsible society.

At HRS, each individual is involved and has a desire to do good work – we are players in the energy transition, not spectators. We engage with partners in the sector to progress together

Boldness | Innovation | Quality | Safety

Striving for excellence

We are bold, and we strive to combine innovation and compliance without compromising on quality or safety.

We go where others have not yet gone, ensuring compliance in all our realisations by managing risks

Attention | Availability | Productivity

Agile support

We combine our expertise with attention, availability, and responsiveness – the cornerstones of our client support!

We combine our expertise and your needs to ensure a rapid operational response thanks to our industrial production capacity

Cooperation | Development | Benevolence

Fostering wellbeing

We encourage autonomy and cooperation to help employees work better together and flourish in a caring work environment.

We work as a team while encouraging individual autonomy, to help employees develop their skills and perform optimally in an environment conducive to a healthy work/life balance