Industrial piping

Complex industrial piping is our core business. Drawing on the expertise we have gathered since 2004, we produce steel, stainless steel and other metal pipes that are specialised for use with fluids at cryogenic temperatures (- 250ºC), high temperatures (200ºC), high pressure (1,000 bar or 10 MPa) or very low pressure (10-6 mbar).

Comprehensive support

As specialists in research, design, manufacturing, and on-site installation for almost 20 years, we can meet your needs in the Auvergne‑Rhône‑Alpes region and across France. Our highly qualified and dedicated team of over 20 people, based near Grenoble (Isère), supports you to complete all your new projects and renovations.

Our expertise

As part of our commitment to continually improving our health and safety risk awareness, HRS is compliant to ISO 9001 standard.

We respond to any requests for liquid or gas transportation: carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, thanks to our qualified team that can work in all these areas. We are specialised in the TIG and orbital TIG welding methods.

We produce all types of mechanically welded frames, skids, platforms, walkways, etc.

Our markets in the industrial piping sector

  • Research centres
  • Industry
  • Nuclear
  • District heating
  • Hydroelectric dams
  • Semi conductor

Our realisations

Find out here some of our projects: gas and water network, piping integrated into frame (skids), high thickness piping, stainless steel for turbine safety valve, chlorine, and caustic soda transport network (liquid, gas), compressed air network, inert gas, dual layer piping for specific applications…