A European company manufacturing and selling renewable hydrogen production systems, pHYnix is contributing to national and regional energy independence, as well as its clients' energy transition process.

Deployment of European hydrogen mobility projects

pHYnix chose HRS to supply eight hydrogen refueling stations. In 2023, pHYnix and HRS signed a framework agreement for the joint development of H2mobility projects. This agreement has translated to a firm order for eight HRS stations: five HRS40 stations and three HRS14 stations.

HRS is proud to be supporting pHYnix in deploying European green hydrogen projects which are both ambitious and concrete. Decarbonising transport through hydrogen mobility involves the rapid deployment of networked infrastructure on a commercial scale, from production to dispensing of hydrogen. pHYnix is now one of the most dynamic players in this sector, making it a natural partner to HRS. Our ability to quickly deploy high-capacity stations delivering 1 tonne/day or more will enable us to support the rapid growth in pHYnix's green hydrogen production capacity.

To find out more, have a look at our press releases:

  • 19/01/2023 : PHYNIX and HRS sign a framework agreement for the deployment of European hydrogen mobility projects - Firm order for eight HRS green hydrogen refueling stations, including five 1 tonne/day capacity stations.
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