Haffner Energy

Haffner Energy designs and supplies technologies and services that enable its clients to produce decarbonised hydrogen using biomass thermolysis and steam reforming.

Two French leaders in hydrogen combine their unique expertise to develop decarbonised mobility

Haffner Energy, a designer of decarbonised hydrogen production technology, signed an agreement with HRS to jointly offer their production and distribution solutions.

Under this partnership, Haffner Energy entrusted HRS with the supply of a green hydrogen refueling station.
It will be installed as part of a shared test project and connected to Hynoca® low-carbon H2 infrastructure using biomass thermolysis.

This new strategic partnership with a player as an innovative and ambitious as Haffner Energy represents an important new step in HRS's development. Combining our complementary expertise will enable us to offer global solutions from the production to dispensing of green hydrogen. We would also like to wish Haffner Energy the very best for this first step in their life on the stock market, which will be an amazing adventure.

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