Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a hydrogen station in France? In Europe?

France Hydrogène has produced a map of H2 service stations in France, which is available from the Vig’Hy hydrogen observatory.

In Europe, hydrogen stations – both operational and under construction – can be found on the H2 live, H2 map and H2 stations websites.

Hydrogen stations are installed at public or private sites belonging to the owners of hydrogen vehicle fleets, therefore it is not yet possible to refuel with H2 at home as can be done with an electric vehicle.

According to France Hydrogène1, by 2030 there will be 1000 H2 stations across the country for refueling:

  • 300,000 light vehicles
  • 5000 heavy goods vehicles
  • 1000 boats
  • 250 trains

To view the stations installed by HRS: click here.

1 France Hydrogène