Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the hydrogen stations located?

The hydrogen pumps are accessible infrastructures, just like petrol and diesel service stations.

Currently in France and Europe, hydrogen vehicle fleets are mainly privately owned (companies, regional authorities, etc.), which means the stations are often located at private sites.

Companies have positioned themselves as hydrogen distributors and set up their own networks, as in France: Engie, Hympulsion, Hype, Sydev, Hygo

In 2022, there were 1070 stations listed throughout the world – a 55% increase compared to 2021 – the majority of which (> 650) were in Asia, 276 in Europe and 116 in America1.

HRS has positioned itself as a pure industrial player for H2 stations, with an annual production capacity of 180 stations, or one sixth of the world's installed base in 2022.

1 Hydrogen Council