Our hydrogen mobility solutions

Hydrogen has an important role to play in reducing the carbon footprint of the transport sector. It represents a clean alternative fuel compatible with existing operating methods. Hydrogen vehicles, which are particularly well suited to heavy-duty and/or intensive use mobility applications, are zero-emission vehicles that offer the same operating comfort as combustion engine vehicles.

The deployment of H2 mobility solutions requires infrastructure and available dispensing points

Fleets of hydrogen vehicles have already been deployed for regional authorities and businesses. These are commercial hydrogen vehicles, saloons (taxis), buses, waste collection trucks, snow groomers, etc.

Hydrogen is also considered for use in river cargo vessels and ferry-type passenger ships, trains and aircraft.

HRS is attentive to the market

The hydrogen sector is in a phase of industrialisation and rapid development, and the market is evolving quickly. HRS is committed to keeping pace with this growth to offer access to refueling solutions.

HRS will support you in developing a new ecosystem to encourage sustainable mobility.

Our mobility realisations