HRSchool, our in-house training centre

We created the HRSchool to help develop our employees' skills. Our aim is to encourage professional development while promoting our values of cooperation and sharing.
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Training is part of our DNA

Since the company was founded, management has placed a strong emphasis on transferring expertise and training. transmission des savoir-faire et à la formation.

Our training centre offers:

  • Un programme de formation
    • Parcours d’intégration : Commun à tous, avec une sensibilisation aux enjeux de l’hydrogène et un focus sur la sécurité, il permet de découvrir tous les services de l’entreprise.
    • Formation titularisante & diplômante : Parcours de formation sur-mesure sur les postes en tension et en reconversion alliant théorie et pratique sur les métiers HRS.
    • Accompagnement Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience (VAE)
  • An online training platform (Edflex) offering a wide variety of interactive and flexible programs and learning experiences
  • Support for managers as part of a co-development strategy

After obtaining a vocational qualification in boiler making, I began my professional career in 1983 at the age of 18, and trained on the job as a pipe fitter, then as a site supervisor and commercial development manager, before starting my own company. I firmly believe that it is never too late to learn and to believe in yourself.

Alongside this, in a sector based on technical expertise and hydrogen, training is essential.

That's why I felt it was important to open the #HRSchool, a training centre for developing the skills of HRS employees.

HRS recruitment and training

Our HR teams designed a tailor-made training programme in partnership with the Isère training centre, UDIMEC (Isère union of metallurgical industries and professions) and UIMM (union of metallurgical industries and professions).

Three training sessions were scheduled for 2023: in April, July and September.

The training sessions include:

  • Technical and theoretical training delivered by external trainers
  • Practical work in the workshop with dedicated HRS tutors transferring their expertise
  • Awareness training on the risks of hydrogen delivered by our internal trainer.

The integration course taken by all new employees is also part of this training. The integration course includes scheduled meetings with all of the company's department managers, a guided tour of our site and an introduction to the operation of an H2 station on our test station and in-depth training on hydrogen.

Key figures 2023

new employees trained
internal trainers
sessions held during the year

Are you retraining?

Lacking training on hydrogen but motivated and looking to embark on a meaningful adventure?

Easier access to training to get the best out of trainees.

Because the development of our employees is crucial to us, in 2023 we gave all members of #HRSteam free, unlimited access to an online training platform offering interactive training that they could complete at their own pace.

We chose to collaborate with Edflex, an online training provider with a catalogue of over 5000 training courses (online courses, videos, podcasts, etc.) to enable employees to develop their skills at their own pace in hundreds of subjects:

  • Management
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Office automation
  • Languages
  • Etc.