HRS14 hydrogen station

This H2 service station has a compression capacity of 14 kg of hydrogen/hour and can refuel fleets of professional and private vehicles at 350 and 700 bar.

Why choose our HRS14 hydrogen station?

The versatile HRS14 station is designed to be compatible with all types of hydrogen source: pressurised storage (tube trailer), pipeline, on-site production (electrolyser), etc.

This refueling station can compress up to 14 kg of hydrogen per hour and dispense it at different pressures (350/700 bar) to refuel both heavy-duty and light vehicles.

Advantages of an HRS14 hydrogen station

  • Compatibility: station able to supply H2 at 350 bar and 700 bar to refuel all types of vehicles (SAE J2601/ISO 19880-1)
  • Adaptability: a modular solution that adapts to your needs, with the option for additional storage
  • Fiabilité Reliability: system comprising two high-pressure compressors to provide redundancy.
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Compliance certified by CEP

The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) has officially certified the compliance of our hydrogen refueling dispenser with fueling protocol SAE J2601 (ISO 19880-1) T30. A guarantee of safety and reliability for our equipment.

A turnkey solution, from installation to maintenance

Thanks to our expertise in engineering and complex industrial piping, HRS has developed a dual pressure refueling station with a compression capacity of 14 kg H2/hour.

A complete, scalable station

La station HRS14 est composée :

  • A high-pressure compression module (950 bar),
  • Storage (modular as required),
  • Cooling units,
  • Dispenser (350 bar, 350 bar HF, 700 bar).

The hydrogen station adapted to your needs

Three versions of the HRS14 station are available:

  • Turnkey version including compression, storage, cooling units and dispenser
  • Transportable version: its main advantages are reduced civil engineering work and easy reinstallation (in just 1 week).
  • Version without dispenser module: to adapt to clients' needs.

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HRS sells a complete range comprising three stations that correspond to three compression/hour levels: from 14 to 80 kg of H2 compressed/h.

All stations developed by HRS can refuel all types of vehicles to meet both professional and public needs. Each station can be adapted to the operating and location-specific conditions.

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