HRS40 hydrogen station

The HRS40 is a high-capacity station that can compress 40 kg of H2/hour, or up to 1 tonne of hydrogen per day to refuel a wide range of vehicles at 350 bar and 700 bar.

Why choose our HRS40 hydrogen station?

The HRS40 station is a high-capacity hydrogen refueling station that can compress up to 1 tonne of hydrogen in 24 hours.

The flexible HRS40 station meets intensive use requirements for private and professional vehicles, thanks to its compression capacity of 40 kg of hydrogen/hour.

Advantages of an HRS40 hydrogen station

  • Simultaneous fueling: Two dispensers (350 bar/700 bar – SAEJ 2601/ISO 19880-1)
  • Reliability and redundancy: High-pressure modules and dual dispensing lines
  • Scalable station: Option to increase the compression capacity to 80 kg H2/h (350 bar)
HRS Hydrogen fueling stations
HRS40 hydrogen station

A high-capacity hydrogen station

The latest innovation from HRS, the HRS40 station, is specially designed to meet the needs of owners of fleets of intensive use and heavy-duty vehicles.

The HRS40 turnkey solution comprises:

  • A medium-pressure compression module (500 bar),
  • A high-pressure compression module (950 bar),
  • Medium- and high-pressure storage compartments (modular as required),
  • Cooling units for compression and dispensing,
  • Two dispensers compatible with 350 bar, 350 bar HF and 700 bar.

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HRS Hydrogen fueling stations

A complete range of H2 refueling stations

HRS offers a range of hydrogen refueling and dispensing stations delivering 14 to 80 kilograms of hydrogen per hour at a pressure of 350 and 700 bar.

As a result, HRS stations are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including light vehicles as well as buses, trucks and heavy vehicles.

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