Commercial vehicles

Whether for goods delivery, maintenance services, passenger transport or refrigerated transport, hydrogen light commercial vehicles offer an environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient alternative to traditional combustion vehicles.

Drive cleanly with a hydrogen commercial vehicle

Hydrogen commercial vehicles are powered by a fuel cell. Essential for professionals, they offer a green alternative to existing combustion engine vehicles.

With a large payload and towing capability, these trucks and vans designed for goods and passenger transport are ideal for bulky or heavy loads, with better manoeuvrability than a semi-truck. They are particularly well suited to last-mile delivery applications in urban areas.

A traffic solution in low emission zones

Since 2020, low emission zones have been created in some French cities. In 2022, 11 cities had these zones, with 43 conurbations of over 150,000 people set to receive them by 2025. The zones comprise a boundary within which the most polluting traffic is limited. Inside the zones, professional vehicles with Crit'air 3, 4, 5 labels and unclassified vehicles may be subject to travel and parking restrictions set by the regional authorities.

Fuel cell electric or hydrogen/electric hybrid commercial vehicles can help professionals to continue operating in low emission zones.

Station hydrogène réalisée par HRS aux Sables d'Olonne pour Hympulsion

Advantages of hydrogen for commercial vehicles

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