HRS stations are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of major logistics centres while increasing their productivity thanks to the high availability of fuel cell electric forklift trucks.

What hydrogen solutions are dedicated to logistics?

Optimised HRS stations for refueling forklift trucks and small logistics vehicles

Hydrogen forklift trucks can be refueled rapidly and efficiently. HRS stations enable full refueling at 350 bar in an average time of less than 2 minutes. Forklifts have an autonomy of 8 hours1 to enable 24/7 continuity of service.

A single HRS station is sufficient for a large vehicle fleet: Located as close as possible to the nerve centre of your logistics platform, the dispenser is installed in a compact space and allows a fleet of 100 forklifts to be refueled.

1Manufacturer information

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Imagine your 100% hydrogen logistics platform, enabling simultaneous refueling of your forklift fleet and hydrogen trucks for the minimum carbon footprint.

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