HRS, a leading European manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations and expert in industrial piping

Since it was founded in 2004, the French company Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS), previously known as TSM, has provided hydrogen refueling station solutions for every type of vehicles (captive fleets, trucks, buses, passenger cars, ...) for the mobility, industrial, storage and energy markets.
HRS industrial production site
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HRS was born from an ambition to guarantee permanent access to a promising source of energy, with a long-term vision to decarbonise transport and, more broadly our societies.

HRS's vision and ambition

Speeding up the energy transition

By relying on TSM's expertise in industrial piping and hydrogen station manufacturing, HRS quickly had access to a decisive competitive advantage, allowing the company to grow to become a European market leader in hydrogen stations for mobility.

This recognised expertise enabled us to conduct one of the most successful IPOs ever recorded on EuroNext Growth in February 2021, and to start building our new factory in France.

This industrial site centre has made HRS the number one manufacturer of hydrogen stations in Europe. This factory has enabled HRS to scale up its manufacture of high-capacity stations, which are in high demand from manufacturers and users, and key to the deployment of hydrogen mobility.

HRS industrial production site

Key figures

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years of experience
million euro turnover
stations since 2009
stations commissioned by 2025
employees by 2025

Company history

Founded nearly 20 years ago, HRS is a French company with historic expertise in the study, design, manufacture, and installation of industrial piping for the transportation of fluids.

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Tuyauterie Maintenance Service
Founding of the company
Founding of TSM (Tuyauterie Service Maintenance) by Hassen Rachedi in Bresson (38), expert in the industrial piping sector.
Hydrogen refueling station manufacturing
Hydrogen station manufacturer
Manufacture of first hydrogen refueling stations for a major French client. The company enters the hydrogen era.
HRS Hydrogen fueling stations
Developing expertise
Launch of serial production of H2 stations. First stations with a capacity of 100 kg H2/day (CEP project, Germany). Purchase of SIREM
Hydrogen refueling station manufacturing
Increasingly sophisticated hydrogen expertise
Manufacture of the first H2 stations with a compression capacity of 200 kg/day (H2 Mobility, Avia Paris, CRPS projects – Saclay)
HRS Hydrogen fueling stations
Stepping up of station capacity
Integration of the first hydrogen refueling station with a capacity of 500 kg/day (HyBalance, Denmark).
HRS AURA visit
First orders for turnkey HRS stations
Hympulsion orders its first hydrogen station from HRS, to be installed in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region as par“ of the "Zero Emission Valley" project
Strategic repositioning
Design and sale of own-brand hydrogen stations starts. TSM changes its name to HRS: Hydrogen Refueling Solutions.
Financial document HRS
A historic IPO
To support its development, a record €97.3 M IPO on the Euronext Growth market.
Transportable hydrogen refueling station for TotalEnergies
First turnkey HRS stations installed
TOTAL ENERGIES orders a mobile station from HRS.
PLUG POWER orders a station for refueling forklifts.
Hydrogen refueling station manufacturing
Purchase of AEI
Automatisme et Electricité Industrielle, a historic partner in a key area of station design.
HRS Hype partnership
Strategic partnership with Hype
Part of the deployment of Hype's proprietary production and distribution network for green H2, intended to support the development of carbon-free mobility, primarily for its taxis.
HRS Hydrogen fueling stations
First HRS station in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region for Zero Emission Valley
Delivery of the first station designed by HRS for Hympulsion and the first definitive launch of the "hydrogen valley" concept in France, aiming for simultaneous deployment of vehicles and stations.
Logo Engie Solutions
Strategic partnership with ENGIE Solutions
Commercial and technological partnership intended to speed up the completion of 15 hydrogen-related projects by 2026.
HRS industrial production site
Broader ambitions
Establishment of a new HRS production and testing centre in Champagnier, near Grenoble. One of Europe's most important industrial hydrogen mobility sites.

Our commitments

Our products are designed with the environment in mind.
As an employer, we are committed to prioritising the working environment and, as a company, to cooperating and accelerating the development of our sector.

Stations at the heart of hydrogen mobility

In the development of low-carbon mobility for the energy transition, hydrogen plays a complementary role to that of the battery.

Fuel cell electric vehicles (i.e. hydrogen powered vehicles) are perfectly suited for high or intensive usage, transportation of heavy goods, a long range and/or fast refueling.

Implementing hydrogen mobility involves the simultaneous development of stations and vehicles to avoid the "chicken-and-egg” paradox, putting stations at the forefront of the hydrogen mobility value chain.

Expertise to ramp up our development

From the construction of a new, unique production and R&D centre in Europe to implementing strategic partnerships, strengthening our teams' skills, and maintaining the trust of our existing clients, HRS has all the expertise to guarantee sound development.