Mass production of hydrogen refueling stations

With 10 years of experience at the heart of the hydrogen sector, HRS produces high-capacity “turnkey” refueling stations for our partners or direct clients in France, Europe and worldwide, which has left us in a prominent position in the current European market.

Usine de production de stations hydrogène en série

Mass production capacity

HRS mass-produces hydrogen refueling stations for heavy vehicles (haulage, buses, trains, refuse bins, etc.) and light vehicles (passenger cars), on its 4,000 sqm production facility in the business activity area of Grenoble. The company manages a factory with high-tech facilities and extensive capabilities which can mass-produce hydrogen refueling stations in just 8 weeks.

HRS - Designing and manufacturing hydrogen refueling stations in France

Designing the HRS refueling stations’ metal structures

While most existing refueling stations use containers, HRS hydrogen stations are designed by the company’s internal design office then assembled in our workshops. This customised design and integrated manufacturing process meets the most stringent technical specifications and construction standards.

This exclusive design also provides direct access to the systems within the station. Maintenance operations on the main components (compressors, control panel, cooling unit, instrumentation, etc.) is also made easier, safer and more effective.

Modular designs that can be adapted to client requirements

HRS stations are modular, so they can be modified over time. As such, once installed, a station can be upgraded with additional daily hydrogen production capacity as requirements change over time.

Thanks to this innovation, HRS can adapts its products and keep up with the market’s requirements and successfully increase hydrogen supply at the same pace as the rollout of new fuel cell electric vehicles and dedicated recharging infrastructure.

Mass production of hydrogen refueling stations