About us

Since it was founded in 2004, Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS), previously known as TSM, has provided hydrogen refueling station solutions for every type of vehicle (captive fleets, lorries, buses, passenger cars, etc.) for the transportation, industrial, storage and energy markets.

A new premises located in the Saut du Moine business activity area in Champagnier (in the Isère department), in a 2.6 Ha plot granted by the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole. A new production unit (10,000m²) will finish construction in this new space by autumn 2022, alongside offices (3,300m²), amenity areas (1,000m²) as well as a refueling station accessible to the general public.

HRS new production site for hydrogen stations

HRS has already delivered 34 refuelling stations of 100 to 500 kg per day that are now in service across Europe and in the United States, including 32 stations in Europe.

Drawing on the experience it has gained over the last 18 years in engineering and complex industrial piping, as well as the integration and manufacturing of medium and high-capacity stations, in 2019 and 2020, HRS developed a new range of stations that can deliver 100 to 500 kg of hydrogen per day. These developments were carried out in the Champ Sur Drac factory in the Grenoble region.

Management team




Hassen Rachedi drew on his abilities as a self-taught man to climb the ladder from the production to become a technical sales representative before becoming director in 2004.

His technical abilities and a management style based on mutual respect, trust and mutual assistance, as well as a high-quality working environment have earned him the unwavering support of all of his employees throughout the Group’s existence.

Olivier DHEZ - Deputy CEO

Olivier DHEZ

Deputy CEO

An MBA-PhD graduate with 18 years of experience in international marketing and business development, innovation management and product development.

Olivier Dhez honed his skills in international environments as a European project manager, the founder of a scientific instruments start-up, a technical project manager and the sales and marketing director at ISORG.


Remi-PONCET-Renewable Energy Director-HRS


Deputy CEO

With over 30 years experience working both in large international corporations and small companies, Adamo worked on developing new markets, creating international partnerships and establishing key actors, all while combining business expansion with sound economics.

He provides his in-depth knowledge of the key actors in the hydrogen sector, as well as his ​experience in executive, operational and sales management.


New HRS factory in Champagnier, Isère - 38 - France

The history of HRS

Name changed to HRS
Design and Construction
200 kg station by HRS (for Zero Emission Valley)

First 500 kg station
(for HyBalance)

First 200 kg stations
(H2 Mobility, AVIA Paris, CRPS Saclay)

First mass-produced 100 kg Stations (CEP project)
Acquisition of SIREM

First H2 stations

TSM founded