a cornerstone of carbon-free mobility

Marchés de l'hydrogène dans les transports

Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS) is working to generalize access to hydrogen and to ease the transition to carbon-free mobility Today, HRS is the first French company that is capable of mass producing large-capacity (200 kg to 2 tonnes) fuel cell electric vehicle refuelling stations.

Mass production of refueling stations

HRS manages a 4000 sqm production site in the business activity area of Grenoble. The factory owns high tech facilities and extensive capabilities, making it possible to mass produce refueling stations in just 8 weeks.

In addition, our product range satisfies even the strictest safety requirements, such as the SAEJ T40 fuelling standard established by vehicle manufacturers.

Our hydrogen distribution markets

HRS offers hydrogen refueling station solutions for every type of vehicle, both light and heavy vehicles, for the transport, industrial, storage and energy markets.

HRS has already produced 34 hydrogen refueling stations that are in service across the world, reaching a total installed capacity of 4,700 Kg of H2 per day.

HRS, a manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations for use in transportation
HRS - Designing and manufacturing hydrogen refueling stations in France

Hydrogen: our core business for 13 years

Since 2009, HRS as an integrator has developed refueling stations for use in the gas sector.

In 2019, HRS developed a new range of stations that are able to provide 100 to 200 kg of hydrogen per day, at a pressure of between 350 and 700 bar.